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Lady Gaga Laughs At Racist ‘ART’ Event Featuring Black Man Being Lynched

Lady Gaga Laughs At Racist ‘ART’ Event Featuring Black Man Being Lynched

How does she get a way with it?

Make no mistake about it; Lady Gaga is one of the most racist people to ever hit this earth. While attending the Convent of the Sacred Heart High School, she was expelled several times for making racial slurs at the school’s very few African-American students.

A couple years ago, she held a gay slave party where she dressed up men in blackface and held them in chains. She also called one of them the “N” world, as Pop Music Scandal recently reported.

Lady Gaga Racist

Now, Pop Music Scandal has gotten a hold of a picture taken in August of 2013 at an “Art” party hosted by Marina Abramovic and attended by Lady Gaga, who can be seen smirking as an African-American man poses with an arrow and blood on his skin. The blood is (probably?) fake, but the sentiment of the picture is clear to see. Lady Gaga and her friends apparently think it’s funny to see an African American man lynched in the name of “Art.”

Why does Lady Gaga find this so hilarious?
Why does Lady Gaga find this so hilarious?

Lady Gaga’s actions are completely shameful. It doesn’t matter that she is trying to hide her racism by exploiting the death of Trayvon Martin and pretending to be a Black Lives Matter activist. Gaga’s actions are severely dangerous and a part of the reason why a group like Black Lives Matter is needed in the first place.

Gaga’s racist actions have now transferred to her fans.

That’s just one of the nice tweets. One wonders what goes on inside Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation meetings.

Remember Guns N’ Roses Racist And Homophobic ‘One In A Million’ Song?

Remember Guns N’ Roses Racist And Homophobic ‘One In A Million’ Song?

I know Guns N’ Roses is on tour this summer. I’ve been offered free tickets to see them….good ones too! But I just can’t get myself to go. I love their music. “Patience” and “November Rain” are two of the best song I’ve heard. But Guns N’ Roses “One In A Million” is a song that will forever give me nightmares, especially since I am part African-American and I am also gay.

“Maybe a greyhound could be my way/Police and niggers, that’s right/Get outta my way/Don’t need to buy none of your gold chains today,” Axl Rose sang in a raucous voice, and it only gets worse.
“Immigrants and fagots/They make no sense to me/They come to our country/And think they’ll do as they please/Like start some mini-Iran/Or spread some fucking disease/And they talk so many God damn ways/It’s all Greek to me”
You don’t have to be a social justice warrior to understand what’s wrong with this Guns N’ Roses song. I understand it was 1989, when homophobia and racism were more acceptable. I understand Guns N’ Roses was young and rebellious. But when I was brutally beaten by a skinhead gang, I had the lyrics about the “niggers, police, and gold chains” sang to me. If they knew I was gay, I probably wouldn’t be here writing this essay now.

I was 12-years old at the time, and I distinctively remember there being controversy, but not enough to ruin the band’s career. Despite what the debbie downers say, this country has moved forward. There is still racism and there is still homophobia. But there is no way a band would be able to get away with this today. According to Rolling Stone, Axel didn’t think he had anything to apologize for.

Axl Rose Smart
If minorities hated Axl Rose, it was certainly for a valid reason.
“The N-word? ‘Why can black people go up to each other and say ‘nigger,’ but when a white guy does it, all of a sudden it’s a big put-down?’ The f-word? ‘I’ve had some very bad experiences with homosexuals. … [But] I’m not against them doing what they do as long as they’re not forcing it upon me.”
I’m not going to give a huge lesson on why black people sometimes call others a “nigger” or why gay people call other homosexuals “faggots.” It’s the same reason why women sometimes call each other “bitches.” It takes away the pain of the word used against them and turns it into a non-pejorative. I can see why some black people or gay people don’t want to hear those words at all. But claiming it’s okay to use a word because the group it’s aimed at uses it as well is completely misguided.

I hope our readers who enjoy Guns N’ Roses were able to see them. I hold nothing against the fans, and I hope they got their money’s worth. But don’t ask me to see them. And please, don’t say, “Get over it!”