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Exclusive: Taylor Swift’s 2017 Album Is All About #BlackLivesMatter

Exclusive: Taylor Swift’s 2017 Album Is All About #BlackLivesMatter

Taylor Swift may have been accused of being racist after her videos for “Shake it Off” and “Wildest Dreams,” but she’s going to prove that she is “down with the bros” on her new album. Pop Music Scandal has learned that Taylor Swift is recording an album with themes related to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Swift doesn’t plan to say “Black Lives Matter” directly, but the themes of the movement cover the album. We are told that the album is similar to Bruce Springsteen’s September 11, 2001-themed The Rising, which didn’t mention the disastrous day directly. Swift plans to recruit a bunch of rappers on the album, including Eminem, Vanilla Ice, Darrell McDaniels (Run DMC), Mike D (Beastie Boys), and even Macklemore. She is seeking help from Jay-Z and Kendrick Lamar as well.

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Swift will try and outdo Beyonce’s Lemonade [Bennett Raglin/Getty Images]
Swift may turn her new album project into a visual album like Beyonce did with Lemonade. Only two song titles have been revealed so far. “Colored People of Color” has something to do with people who use the term “Colored People” to describe people of color. The other song, “Ode To The Repressed” may be the first single. It has a sort of rock vibe to it. So far, there isn’t much of Swift’s country trademark on her new album.

Swift is trying to keep this album as private as possible. We are told that it will come as a surprise release. Swift wants to release the album this summer, but her record company Big Machine Records wants to release it closer to the holiday season to attract more sales. This album could either be a real smash or a real joke.

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