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Has Jay-Z Been Cheating On Beyonce With Megyn Kelly?

Has Jay-Z Been Cheating On Beyonce With Megyn Kelly?

This is a story that sounds as fiction as can be, but isn’t. Several reliable sources have revealed that Jay-Z and Megyn Kelly from Fox News are “very close,” but have tried to keep it a secret.

Of course, Jay-Z stands for everything Fox News is against. But one can say that Megyn Kelly isn’t your typical Fox News personality. Is Megyn Kelly the “Becky” that Beyonce had been talking about on Lemonade?

Pop Music Scandal has been told that the two have been hooking up for years — since 2011. In fact, in 2012, both of them stayed for several weekends at the Extended Stay Suites in Burbank, CA — a hotel that isn’t trashy, but one that’s definitely not a spot for famous people. There is a Starbucks right across the street at the shopping center. When Megyn Kelly is in California (she takes several trips there), she is often seen there.

It’s hard to imagine Jay-Z and Megyn Kelly as a secret couple, but our sources point to this really being true. Can you imagine what their kids would look like?

‘Billboard’ Payola: Magazine Earns Five Percent Of Lady Gaga ‘Joanne’ Album Sales

‘Billboard’ Payola: Magazine Earns Five Percent Of Lady Gaga ‘Joanne’ Album Sales

If anybody is questioning why Billboard is still publishing an average of 8 front-page Lady Gaga stories a day, we have an answer. Pop Music Scandal can reveal that in addition to the cash Lady Gaga has paid Billboard to promote her and help her manipulate chart positions, Gaga’s management has agreed to pay Billboard 5 percent of all the album’s earnings. Sort of shady for a magazine that is supposed to be the Bible of the music industry!

Bennett Raglin / Stringer

Joanne legitimately did well its first week considering there has been no hit single. But Joanne actually sold around 150,000 copies last week, not 170,000. Lady Gaga and her management purchased over 10,000 copies to give away, use as promotion, etc. There are 10,500 reported sales of Joanne that aren’t accounted for, indicating that Billboard and Soundscan agreed to cheat their numbers. There are also at least 8,000 copies of Joanne that were deeply discounted to $3.99. This should be an international scandal. But Lady Gaga is, for the most part, protected by the mainstream media, and a lot of that has to do with $$$ and her father’s mafia connections.

In addition to manipulating the album charts, Gaga has been manipulating the single charts as well. Last week, her new single “Million Reasons” hit No. 1, and Gaga bragged in all her interviews what a big hit it has been. There is just one problem; the song was sold for 69 cents — that’s half the price of a regular single. Pop Music Scandal can reveal that Interscope purchased more than 2,000 copies of the song as well to inflate interest.

Many people have asked us how Lady Gaga has this much money to spend if she’s not getting so much in returns. A lot of it has to do with her father, Joe Germonatta, who has several mafia connections. Somehow, Interscope is intertwined with the mafia connections. We will have more about this soon.

Is Lady Gaga Planning To Exploit Orlando Victims At Super Bowl?

Is Lady Gaga Planning To Exploit Orlando Victims At Super Bowl?

Paying Billboard millions of dollars to write front-page articles about her? Check! Paying Billboard to name her “Woman of the Year” in 2015 despite not having one single hit? Check! Paying the NFL millions of dollars (much of that comes from Interscope) to let her headline their Halftime show? Check!

Pop Music Scandal has heard from one of the Orlando shooting victims (who doesn’t want to be named for obvious reasons) who says he has been contacted by Lady Gaga’s team in order to participate in the Super Bowl Halftime Show in 2017. Some would say that’s fair enough. However, wait until you read his email.


He told us that four days after the event, Lady Gaga called him personally at the hostpital to ask him how he was feeling.

“It was very touching and she seemed sincere,” he told us.

“However, I kept getting calls from her PR reps to appear in a new ad for her Born This Way Foundation. I would have done it, but the script called for me to recite all of the things Lady Gaga has done for gay rights. It was all about HER and not ANY CAUSE.”

The Orlando victim told us that he knows of three more victims who have been contacted by Team Gaga, but only one other was asked to participate in the Super Bowl Halftime Show SO FAR. He said that everybody was invited to attend one of her future shows.

Pop Music Scandal can reveal that Lady Gaga indeed is trying to make the Super Bowl all about HER, which generally would be okay if she wasn’t using the gay community to prop her up as the Evita of the gay community. Gaga is going to try and push the fact that she is making history by being the first bisexual performer (Gaga calling herself “bisexual,” by the way, is a COMPLETE MARKETING SCAM) to headline the Halftime Show. Of course, that is not true because Fergie is openly bisexual and headlined the show with the Black Eyed Peas in 2009. WE WISH WE COULD FORGET ABOUT THAT PERFORMANCE!!

Meanwhile, as we mentioned, reviews will start trickling in for Joanne very soon. The first reviews you’ll see, which were paid for, will be completely positive. We have read the review that Gaga’s PR team proposed to Billboard and it is hilarious. Stay tuned for more!

No, Beyonce Isn’t A Scam Artist: She’s A Master Of Marketing

No, Beyonce Isn’t A Scam Artist: She’s A Master Of Marketing

We have received several letters asking why don’t we do an expose on Beyonce. “If you go after Lady Gaga and others, you HAVE TO GO AFTER BEYONCE!” Actually, we don’t. Let us explain.

Is Beyonce fake? Probably! Is Beyonce manipulative? Probably! Was Lemonade really from the heart? Probably not! Did she and Jay-Z get together and plan that Beyonce, as a publicity stunt, would write a song about him cheating on her? Probably! Once again, does this make her fake? Yes! Does this make her a “scam artist”? No.

Beyonce is one of today's top performers.
Beyonce is one of today’s top performers.

Beyonce is doing what many people did before her. Michael Jackson always used “the children” for his publicity stunts. Mariah Carey even turned her divorce into a publicity stunt. For many other artists, it’s world hunger. They may not care about what they are singing about, but at least they are not PAYING PEOPLE TO PRETEND THEY CARE.

As far as we know, Beyonce — unlike Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber — has never given a cent to Billboard and other magazines to write positive things about her. She has NEVER TRIED to goad her fans into buying multiple copies of her song so it can do better on the charts. In 2011, Beyonce did tell Billboard that if she appeared, they would have to give her some type of award. Billboard ended up giving her the Millennium Award in 2011. That’s common for an awards show.

Beyonce has changed the way artists market albums.
Beyonce has changed the way artists market albums.

At times, Beyonce seems more like a PRODUCT than an ACTUAL STAR. However, at times, her TALENT equals the product she tries to emote. Lady Gaga and others should take notes from Beyonce. No matter how fake you are, people will respond if your MUSIC IS GOOD and if it is promoted properly. If a song is going to become a hit, it’s going to be a hit. If an album is going to be a hit, then it’s going to be a hit.

Beyonce broke the mold with her 2013 self-titled album. There weren’t MONTHS OF HYPE. Queen Bey didn’t need to RUN THOUGH THE STREETS NAKED in order to get attention. She just put out a good surprise album that would inspire others to do the same. I agree with Beyonce’s haters in that she could be very annoying. But she’s also very smart and — unlike others — ETHICAL.

An Interview With Former Veteran ‘Billboard’ Employee

An Interview With Former Veteran ‘Billboard’ Employee

As Pop Music Scandal has revealed Billboard’s unethical alliance with Lady Gaga these past couple weeks, a veteran employee of the magazine got in touch with us. We met for an hour conversation this afternoon, and the interview is very telling. Of course, for legal reasons, we can’t give his real name, but his information is interesting.

PMS: What made you get in touch with us and write such a passionate letter?

Former Billboard Employee: I worked with Billboard for several years. I thought what you wrote might have been over-exaggerated, but I just knew there was also some truth to it and wanted to tell you the real story.

PMS: What did we over-exaggerate?

Former Billboard Employee: I don’t think artists ever meet with Billboard and try and pay them cash to cheat. That is a ridiculous assumption (no offense). But you’re not far off. Billboard does do “favors” for certain artists or their record companies, but they don’t add unearned points to artists’ songs so they could chart better.

PMS: Be More Specific

Former Billboard Employee: In 1995, around the time Billboard started going downhill, Tommy Mottolla met with the magazine after Michael Jackson’s HIStory wasn’t selling as well as expected. Motolla wanted to know if Billboard had any “suggestions.”

I was at the meeting when they informed Motolla that since single sales were big, Sony could severely reduce the price of the single.  Thus, we have the beginning of the end of the relevance of Billboard‘s charts. “You Are Not Alone” was released at 99 cents (49 cents in come places) and debuted at No. 1 — thus giving the illusion that people still wanted to hear Michael Jackson. Then, Sony started doing this with a lot of artists. Soon, other labels followed.

PMS: Didn’t anybody at Billboard say something, like how wrong it was. 

Former Billboard Employee: If they did say something, they were fired. But, it gets worse. Later in the year, there was a meeting with Billboard, Sony, and, I think, Soundscan. Michael’s album had shipped more than 2.5 million copies though it didn’t sell nearly as much. Sony wanted to make it seem like a bigger hit because everybody was calling it a flop, though it certainly wasn’t a flop worldwide.


It was Billboard that suggested a double album (if the recordings go over a certain time — I forgot what that was) should get double certification. I thought it was an okay idea, but the only reason the idea even came up was to appease Sony, not because Billboard thought it was really the right thing to do. Suddenly, overnight, Michael Jackson’s album went from being certified 2X platinum to 5X.

PMS: But Billboard did change their charts in 1998 to reflect airplay more than sales, correct?

Former Billboard Employee: That was three years too late. And the only reason they did it was because a lot of people were criticizing the charts. Billboard didn’t care if the industry was cheating, After all, Billboard was now PART OF the industry, but pretending to be a magazine that reported on it.

PMS: You said in your letter that Billboard has special “relationships” with other artists besides Lady Gaga. 

Former Billboard Employee: Yes, Billboard tends to develop special relationships and act as a publicist for pop divas, given that over 80 percent of the employees are gay, not that there’s anything wrong with that. [He laughs at the Seinfeld reference from the 1980s.]

PMS: Can you give any names?

Former Billboard Employee: Well, at beginning of 2015, when reports that pre-orders for Madonna’s Rebel Heart album were crashing — which I thought was ridiculous because pre-orders don’t stay on top for a long time — her management contacted Billboard to try and fix up the PR damage. Billboard wrote a front-page article [it is posted here] about how pre-orders for the album were estimated at between 50,000 and 60,000 copies — that number was WAY exaggerated. If the album sold that much in pre-orders, there is no way it only debuted with sales slightly more than 100,00 copies when it came out.

Janet Jackson is another recent example. Her team had several meetings with Billboard. I don’t know what the contents of those meetings were about. I do know that Janet was gaming the system by giving away free copies of her album at her concerts to people who bought other things. Janet’s team claimed the album sales were part of a bundle, but many argued if those getting their free copies were aware of any bundle. Then, there was something that had to do with albums given away with Uber rides, but I don’t remember exactly what it was.

PMS: I remember the Janet Jackson thing and thought that Billboard needed to take a stand on that. 

Former Billboard Employee: Well, of course. And other employees were pissed as hell. But if they said anything, they were suddenly “let go.” It only got worse when Janice Min took over.

Stay tuned to Part 2 of Pop Music Scandal‘s interview, which deals more specifically with the truth behind Bill Werde’s exit, Janice Min’s takeover, and more specifics about Billboard‘s relationship with Lady Gaga. 

Interscope And Others Hold Emergency Meeting With Billboard Regarding Lady Gaga Flop ‘Perfect Illusion’

Interscope And Others Hold Emergency Meeting With Billboard Regarding Lady Gaga Flop ‘Perfect Illusion’

Pop Music Scandal can confirm that a meeting was held at approximately 1:00 pm EST between representatives from Interscope and Billboard at the music magazine’s Madison St. office today. Lady Gaga’s manager Bobby Campbell was on speakerphone. “Perfect Illusion” has come out on Friday, and although the responses among critics has been mixed, the response with listeners HAS BEEN DISASTROUS.

Pop Music Scandal told you last week that Billboard and Lady Gaga have been in a payola partnership for years, with Billboard accepting funds (for its charity) from the singer in order to win the “Woman of the Year” title in 2015. Prince posted a letter from a former Billboard employee to boss Janice Min late last year, but deleted the post after he was being harassed by Lady Gaga’s fans.

One employee quit after learning of Billboard's scam with Lady Gaga

And as we said last week, Billboard was paid to write an article about how well the song is doing, despite the fact that airplay has been paid for through hourly promotions with many Clear Channel stations. Well, that article came out this morningBillboard has agreed that they will post daily articles about “Perfect Illusion” in order to help its performance. They will also go out of there way to promote Lady Gaga’s album. Why not? They have been certainly paid a lot to do so.  As mentioned last week, Lady Gaga’s promotional team had allegedly paid gossip hack Roger Friedman from Showbiz411 to write a stream of positive articles about “Perfect Illusion.” Well, it looks like that happened. However, Friedman vehemently denies any money was paid.

The meeting that took place this afternoon was solely aimed at giving the illusion that “Perfect Illusion” is a hit. Gaga’s management asked Billboard if they can weigh streaming more on their charts, since Gaga’s audio clip on YouTube has been a huge hit. The problem — as explained in a previous article — is that Gaga’s promotion team is passing around illegal software to let fans stream “Perfect Illusion” many different times while appearing to be from many different locations.


Meanwhile, “Perfect Illusion” has fallen to No. 4  on iTunes and keeps bleeding sales. We are told that Lady Gaga had a near nervous breakdown this weekend, but her management persuaded her to stay away from Twitter. All the tweets that have come from Lady Gaga over the past couple of days have come from her PR team. She has even threatened to fire her manager Bobby Campbell, who has told her to wait and be patient.

You may ask why this is the only site that is writing about all this. We want to know the same thing. Lady Gaga and Billboard‘s unethical relationship should be the biggest scandal in music history, but you won’t be hearing about it in many places. The reason comes down to one symbol: $.

Lady Gaga Plans To Exploit Gays And The Mentally Ill To Promote New Single And Album

Lady Gaga Plans To Exploit Gays And The Mentally Ill To Promote New Single And Album

Sorry, Little Monsters, sending pictures and videos of people being beheaded by ISIS won’t stop us from revealing the truth. In fact, stuff like this makes us more determined. Instead of getting mad at us and other websites, you should take a step back and realize that your “mommy” really doesn’t give a damn about you, just your money.

But you have to give credit to Lady Gaga. She shuffles though maligned groups of people LIKE A CARD GAME and exploits them as much as she can. That’s not to say she hasn’t done helpful things. She has brought attention to bullying, gay marriage, sexual assault, and other topics. BUT SHE MAKES IT ALL ABOUT HER!

Pop Music Scandal can verify that there is currently an email campaign for gay bars all across the country to help Lady Gaga’s “Perfect Illusion.” Gay bars have been sent the following suggestions:

  • On its tentative release September 9, it has been suggested that“Perfect Illusion” should be played once per hour for the entire weekend.
  • Gay bar managers are told to let customers know the song can be purchased on iTunes or and that the song CAN BE GIFTED SEVERAL TIMES! Customers are told that they should BUY COPIES FOR ALL THEIR FRIENDS, FAMILY MEMBERS, CO-WORKERS, and TEACHERS because….THEY SHOULD ALL BE ABLE TO RECEIVE THE GIFT OF GOOD MUSIC (LOL)!
  • Customers are to be told that “Perfect Illusion” can be streamed everywhere, but that the promotional team is primarily interested in YouTube or Vevo views. There will allegedly be many videos released before the official video. It is even suggested that customers should stream the videos AS MANY TIMES AS POSSIBLE AND AT MANY LOCATIONS AS POSSIBLE to keep the “momentum” going.

    Lady Gaga continues her tradition of exploiting gay people to promote a project.
    Lady Gaga continues her tradition of exploiting gay people to promote a project.

It gets even worse. Gay bars have been asked to loop videos that show Lady Gaga as a gay rights activist, including her reading the names of the Orlando shooting victims. WHAT A WAY TO USE A TRAGEDY IN ORDER TO SELL RECORDS!

You think that’s all? Pop Music Scandal can reveal that after exploiting “the gays” and sexual assault victims, Lady Gaga will now be working to make herself the spokesperson for the mentally ill. Her FRAUD FOUNDATION that was criticized for money laundering will be concentrating on this issue as Gaga prepares to release her new album, which we are told will contain several ballads.

Meanwhile, be sure to watch Billboard. As we explained in a previous post, the magazine, which unethically helped her non-hit “Dope” become a hit, has already prepared articles interviewing radio programmers about how much their audience loves “Perfect Illusion,” and about how Twitter is going crazy for it, even though several fake accounts with purchased followers have been used to promote the song.

We actually hear that “Perfect Illusion” is a pretty decent song. SO WHY CAN’T THE MUSIC JUST SPEAK FOR ITSELF?

Michael Jackson: Where Were Some Of His ‘Fans’ Before His Death?

Michael Jackson: Where Were Some Of His ‘Fans’ Before His Death?

Several stars and fans celebrated Michael Jackson’s birthday on Monday. Mr. Jackson would have been 58 years old. I’ll never forget going out with a couple of friends two nights before his death, which TMZ first reported on the afternoon of June 25, 2009.  The consensus was unanimous when we went out for drinks — Michael Jackson was a sick and perverted pedophile whose time as a superstar had long passed by.

Cue to going out with the friends two weeks after his death and they were all like, “OMG, I was his biggest fan!” I still can’t comprehend how someone’s death can bring that much change in opinion, but it happened: Michael Jackson went from being a monster to becoming a saint overnight.

Michael Jackson Death
Suddenly, everybody loved Jackson after he died. [Laura Rauch/AP Images]
Suddenly, you were condemned if you ever mentioned the fact that Michael Jackson may have been a child molester. Some fans made up fake reports that said Jackson’s first accuser, Jordan Chandler, admitted he lied about Jackson’s molestation. If any journalist talked bad about Michael Jackson, you could bet his fans did everything they could to get them fired. MTV’s VMAs in 2009 were a Jackson worship fest. This went on for a couple years, and then it became fashionable to bash Michael Jackson again.

Personally, I was always a fan of his music. I still believe Jackson did some unethical things with children, but the reports were likely over-exaggerated. Who knew what really happened. I’m not trying to put anything on Jackson’s accusers, but I’m sure some of them (and their parents) were out for money. Part of me thinks Radar Online is brave for recently exposing what a corrupt person Michael Jackson could have been, but another part of me thinks their stories are exploitative, and, most importantly, tasteless since the man is dead. He doesn’t get to defend himself.

Sometimes, it’s hard to listen to such amazing songs as “Man In The Mirror” or “Earth Song,” knowing how hypocritical Jackson might have been. I really can’t listen to “Heal The World” anymore, but that wasn’t one of Michael Jackson’s best songs in the first place.

But what really strikes me when listening to these songs is that Jackson might still be here today if some of those people who claim they “have always loved him” really showed Jackson love at the time he needed it the most. Instead, they helped throw him off the metaphoric cliff. His longtime fans may be annoying and, at times, even psychotic. But, you know what: At least they are and were not hypocrites.

Main Photo: AP Images

Welcome To Our New Website!

Welcome To Our New Website!

Welcome to our new website that exposes the music industry for what it is — an industry that is more corrupt than the mob. The writers here have not only dealt with corrupt trade magazines like Billboard, but we have worked for different artists and record companies as well. Please understand that this website is a work in progress, so the design and other things may change. Enjoy!