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White Supremist Taylor Swift And Her Louisiana Publicity Stunt

White Supremist Taylor Swift And Her Louisiana Publicity Stunt

Welcome to the Clickbait Motel. Taylor Swift is NOT A WHITE SUPREMACIST, but it’s hilarious (admittingly, at her expense) that she has become a target for social justice warriors. It’s crazy how people pick apart her videos in order to come up with some proof that underneath the glitz, she’s actually a Nazi.

Taylor’s temporary (and trust us, it is temporary) downfall is a result of her trying to be a saint, WHICH SHE OBVIOUSLY ISN’T. Taylor Swift also tries to come off as someone who came from nothing and became something. That is false as well.

The website Salon, which seems to be on a mission to destroy Swift’s reputation, did make the point that Swift certainly isn’t an underdog.

“Like a lot of country singers – that’s how she first broke in – Taylor Swift grew up on a farm. It wasn’t a subsistence farm in the rough part of Kentucky but a Christmas-tree farm in Pennsylvania.”

Taylor’s mother worked in finance. Her father was recently a stockbroker for Merrill Lynch. She once told a magazine in her hometown that it mattered what kind of handbag you brought to school.

Like Lady Gaga, Swift tries to pretend that she’s a very nice girl. But behind the scenes, she could be AN ABSOLUTE MONSTER. Most recent is the Kanye West situation, in which Taylor claimed to be a victim of West’s misogynist abuse. However, as Kim Kardashian revealed in her Instagram post, Swift wasn’t quite a victim.

Pop Music Scandal can reveal that Taylor Swift freaked out about the reaction to Kim’s video. She thinks she is “being punished” for something she feels she didn’t do. Swift was advised not to speak much about this, but her team is trying to remake her into a charity princess. After all, it worked for Angelina Jolie. Step one was to have Swift make a one million dollar donation to Louisiana flood victims. Yes, Swift’s donation is helpful, but it’s also a great tax write-off. She is also using the Louisiana flood victims as props to repair her image.

Swift earned such good publicity for her good deed that her public relations team has been extremely busy, contacting all news sources to let them know that Swift just donated $50,000 to a Louisiana food bank. Once again, a great deed. BUT HOW MUCH OF THIS REALLY COMES FROM THE HEART?

Pop Music Scandal can also reveal that Swift desperately wanted to sue Kanye West for illegally recording her phone calls (she would have a good case for it, too), but that she was advised she would just hurt her career further. In the meantime, you can expect Swift to make her charity tour to other places soon. Her public relations team will post pictures of her charity exploits everywhere. It’s all good, just as long as she’s helping instead of killing people.

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