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Is Britney Spears Really Back, Bitch?

Is Britney Spears Really Back, Bitch?

To all our gay readers: We don’t hate Britney Spears. We just have to wonder what all the latest comeback hype is about. Truthfully, she’s been down, but not really gone. She honestly hasn’t been “current” for at least five years. Her latest album Glory is certainly her best in  years. But why is there a major “Britney Spears” comeback EVERY TIME SHE RELEASES AN ALBUM?

Perhaps a lot of people have sympathy for Britney Spears. She was a child star who grew up a little too fast, and then started facing a backlash around 2003. It started when she kissed Madonna at the MTV VMAs in 2003. It culminated in 2007 during Britney’s mental breakdown. Who could ever forget her 2007 MTV VMAs performance?

We had high hopes for Britney’s performance on Sunday evening. However, she ended up disappointing a lot of people.

Not only was the lip-syncing bad, but Spears’ dancing was almost as bad as it was in 2007. Many of the reactions on Twitter are very negative.

You can bet that you will wake up tomorrow to nothing but raves over Spears’ performance. And that’s sad in itself. People need to be honest with Britney Spears. LET HER KNOW HOW AWFUL SHE IS! LET HER KNOW THAT SHE COULD DO BETTER! Why doesn’t Britney actually try and do something where she actually sings for once? We know she can do it. That would be the REAL comeback.

Our prediction is that Spears’ album will debut high, but drop immediately. Despite all the hype, it’s not No. 1 on iTunes or Amazon right now. We would tell Britney to go away or stay in Los Vegas, but we know she has a real comeback in her. But not this time. Are we being too harsh on Britney Spears? Let us know in the discussion section right after this article.