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Lady Gaga Laughs At Racist ‘ART’ Event Featuring Black Man Being Lynched

Lady Gaga Laughs At Racist ‘ART’ Event Featuring Black Man Being Lynched

How does she get a way with it?

Make no mistake about it; Lady Gaga is one of the most racist people to ever hit this earth. While attending the Convent of the Sacred Heart High School, she was expelled several times for making racial slurs at the school’s very few African-American students.

A couple years ago, she held a gay slave party where she dressed up men in blackface and held them in chains. She also called one of them the “N” world, as Pop Music Scandal recently reported.

Lady Gaga Racist

Now, Pop Music Scandal has gotten a hold of a picture taken in August of 2013 at an “Art” party hosted by Marina Abramovic and attended by Lady Gaga, who can be seen smirking as an African-American man poses with an arrow and blood on his skin. The blood is (probably?) fake, but the sentiment of the picture is clear to see. Lady Gaga and her friends apparently think it’s funny to see an African American man lynched in the name of “Art.”

Why does Lady Gaga find this so hilarious?
Why does Lady Gaga find this so hilarious?

Lady Gaga’s actions are completely shameful. It doesn’t matter that she is trying to hide her racism by exploiting the death of Trayvon Martin and pretending to be a Black Lives Matter activist. Gaga’s actions are severely dangerous and a part of the reason why a group like Black Lives Matter is needed in the first place.

Gaga’s racist actions have now transferred to her fans.

That’s just one of the nice tweets. One wonders what goes on inside Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation meetings.

Lady Gaga Allegedly Called One Of Her Gay Blackface Slaves The ‘N’ Word

Lady Gaga Allegedly Called One Of Her Gay Blackface Slaves The ‘N’ Word

After our article about Lady Gaga posing with men in blackface appeared earlier this week, Lady Gaga has tried to do everything she can to deflect  from it. She knows our story has made the rounds on Twitter.

Pop Music Scandal did some research and came in contact with Adalrich Schulz, the “slave” on her right. We verified it was him, but he only agreed to talk if we don’t show his real picture. Schulz revealed that the photo was taken in 2010, not 2011. But he and his friend weren’t just two men in blackface that cornered Lady Gaga for a photo; GAGA ACTUALLY HAD THEM PUT ON THEIR COSTUMES AND MAKEUP.

“She said she wanted to show how both black people and gay people are repressed by society. She was going to use the picture for some type of PSA or magazine shoot that never happened,” Schulz says,” adding that Gaga was high out of her mind when telling them about her plans.

It looks like posing with gay guys in Blackface is really the way to promote tolerance, AT LEAST FOR GAGA. But it gets worse — Schulz says she called him the N word.

“She told me that I’m her “Ni**a. She was obviously joking around, but didn’t seem to have enough self awareness about how offensive she was acting. She was clearly high and drunk that night,” Schulz reveals, adding that she referred to herself as the “Wonder Woman of the gay community.”

Lady Gaga thinks she is the gay community's 'Wonder Woman.'
Lady Gaga thinks she is the gay community’s ‘Wonder Woman.’

Schulz says he felt really bad about letting Gaga dress him as a gay slave weeks later. He was a huge fan, would do anything to meet her, and this was an opportunity he couldn’t resist.

“I’m not racist at all. I just didn’t think clearly. With the #BlackLivesMatter movement gaining ground over the past few years, I’ve felt even more bad about what I did. But there were no harmful intentions,” Schulz reveals.

One week later, Schulz and his friends received calls from Gaga’s lawyers threatening them in every way possible if they talk about what happened that night. But Schulz says he can no longer remain silent.

“Lady Gaga supposedly preaches equality and tolerance. But using blackface to allegedly promote gay rights was disgusting and exploitative. I can no longer keep my mouth shut about it,” Schulz angrily states.

What’s next for Lady Gaga — WEARING A BURQA to promote FEMINISM? Oh, wait.