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Lady Gaga Paid $5 Million For Super Bowl Gig And Even More To ‘Billboard’

Lady Gaga Paid $5 Million For Super Bowl Gig And Even More To ‘Billboard’

Read: Lady Gaga’s Unethical Payola Deal With Billboard

The corruption with Lady Gaga gets worse as the days go by. Pop Music Scandal has learned that despite denials from the NFL and Pepsi, the former pop superstar has actually paid her way into the Super Bowl. Despite denials from the NFL, Adele was the first choice. She wasn’t going to pay anything, and the NFL would have covered production costs.

Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears were also in contention for the gig. As a matter of fact, it was an almost done deal with Spears as of last month. And even though Spears is an icon, it’s a good thing the NFL didn’t go through with the deal after some of Britney’s most recent sub-par performances. But the real reason Britney’s deal fell though is because Gaga actually offered money for the gig. A LOT OF MONEY! Pop Music Scandal can reveal that Gaga paid $5 million up front. The NFL will also pay for all production costs. She will also give a very small percentage of money from ticket sales (a tour will be announced right after the performance) to the NFL. All in all, Lady Gaga could be paying more than $10 million to perform.

Lady Gaga pays the NFL and 'Billboard' millions of dollars in order to be relevant.
Lady Gaga pays the NFL and Billboard millions of dollars in order to be relevant.

Is this a smart deal for Lady Gaga? Perhaps. But it’s also unethical. NO ACT HAS EVER paid to be the Super Bowl Halftime performer. There were rumors that Katy Perry was asked to pay for the Super Bowl show a couple years back, but those rumors were completely blown out of proportion. In recent years, the NFL has asked acts to pay for some production costs which are higher than they usually pay. This is only the LATEST IN A SERIES of unethical activities from Lady Gaga.

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If you think the money she is paying to the NFL is unethical, Pop Music Scandal is told that she has paid several million more to Billboard over the years. Pop Music Scandal was the first site to report that Lady Gaga and her team met with Billboard this summer to help Lady Gaga’s comeback. Since the release of “Perfect Illusion,” Billboard has published more than 30 front-page headlines about Lady Gaga — many which were written by her PR team and given credit to a Billboard author. If you don’t believe us, just do a Google search for “Billboard Lady Gaga.”

Lady Gaga has paid 'Billboard' for several front-page headline articles.
Lady Gaga has paid Billboard for several front-page headline articles.

Team Gaga has gone into overdrive this week after “Perfect Illusion” dropped from No. 15 to No. 42. This is a HORRIBLE FALL for a first single from a major artist. For any other artist, it would be a negative headline. Instead, Billboard produced several front-page headlines this week about Lady Gaga’s tattoos, Lady Gaga’s hair, Lady Gaga’s “successful” comeback, and even Lady Gaga’s tweets. We are told that Gaga’s team wanted Billboard to try and make “Perfect Illusion” a top 10 hit, but Billboard has already been in trouble for accepting cash in order to make “Dope” a top 10 hit in 2013 despite the fact that nobody ever heard of it.

Read: ‘Billboard’ Helps Lady Gaga Manipulate A No. 15 Position For ‘Perfect Illusion’

How can Lady Gaga top herself? We are told that several music critics have been paid cash to give glowing reviews for Joanne, her album that will be out on October 21. There was recently a “listening party” for certain critics who will write the very first reviews for Joanne. One critic is from Entertainment Weekly, but we have been told that Billboard (surprise, surprise) will give the album an especially good review. Will Gaga keep getting away with her shenanigans? Stay tuned!

How Jennifer Lopez Scammed The Music Industry

How Jennifer Lopez Scammed The Music Industry

Jennifer Lopez is an inspirational figure. Her rise to superstardom paved the way for other Latina women to become stars in their own right. She was (and still is) sexy, a great dancer, and a decent actress. But her music career is a scam that was paid for by Sony boss Tommy Mottola.

After Jennifer Lopez starred in the hit movie about Selena, Tommy Mottola of Sony Records had dreams of making her the first Latino pop megastar. JLo’s first single “If You Had My Love” was a genuine hit, but certainly didn’t deserve the No. 1 status it achieved. Radio stations were paid a lot of $$ to play the song at first. However, after a couple weeks, the song took off on its own. In order to guarantee the song hit No.1, Sony put it on sale for 99 cents and 49 cents in some places. Tommy Mottola made sure the single was put in front of music store cash registers as well.

As MTV revealed, radio programmers received airline trips to add “I’m Real” in July of 2001. The song went on to become JLo’s biggest hit to date. Future Lopez songs like “Play” and “Jenny from the Block” also relied on payola. Besides free plane trips, radio programmers and others received actual cash and sexual favors in order to try and make JLo hot. It worked for awhile. But after the payola scandal was exposed a couple years later, Jennifer Lopez was no longer hot property.

To Lopez’s credit, she reinvented herself as America’s sweetheart. Her hosting job on American Idol made her hot property again. She has released a couple of flop albums, but people have forgotten them due to Lopez’s extremely successful Las Vegas residency. But will anybody ever remember any of her “hits”?

Billboard Former Employee Interview Part 2: Billboard’s Unethical Relationships With Lady Gaga And Justin Bieber

Billboard Former Employee Interview Part 2: Billboard’s Unethical Relationships With Lady Gaga And Justin Bieber

Read Part 1 of out interview here about how Billboard helped” Michael Jackson.

Welcome to Part 2 of our interview with a former veteran employee of Billboard.

PMS: Describe Lady Gaga’s relationship with Billboard

Former Billboard Employee: The only way I can describe it is to say it is the most unethical thing I have ever seen. Lady Gaga, through her past two managers and Interscope, has funded millions of dollars into Billboard, sometimes indirectly. The magazine was  going down the drain financially, but Lady Gaga kept it afloat. Justin Bieber, through Scooter Braun, has helped as well.

PMS: Can you be more specific?

Former Billboard Employee: Well, the money didn’t start pouring in until around 2011. Bill Werde was the managing editor then, so I don’t understand why she had to pay the magazine so much money. He basically had a hard-on for Gaga. He was obsessed with her to the point his coworkers even started questioning his state of mind. Don’t get me wrong, Werde was (and probably still is) a wonderful guy. He just let his personal tastes in music get the best of him.

‘Billboard’ allowed Lady Gaga to chart with her 99 cent scam after allegedly being paid to do so.

Billboard was notified that the album Born This Way would be released for 99 cents, and that it would cause an uproar. However, Gaga’s management (which is different from her new management) paid the magazine a lot of money not to change Billboard‘s charting methods. I’m not sure what the amount was. It was also agreed that Bill Werde would write an article and appear on different news shows to defend Lady Gaga’s 99 cent deal, which everybody else thought was desperate. However, there was a huge backlash among Billboard employees. One outspoken critic was chart co-manager Keith Caulfield (whom I am surprised is still at the magazine since he is one of the only ones there with ethics). Eventually, Billboard had to cave in and change their charts to not allow an album to chart if it costs less than $3.49. It pissed off Lady Gaga. And Bill Werde was pissed that his decision was overridden. I’m not sure if the money that Gaga paid for her chart position was returned.

PMS: There was a lot of controversy over Bill Werde, and there was a famous internet troll around the time that called out his firing right before it happened.

Former Billboard Employee: Angela Chang!

PMS: Was she just a troll, or did she have some true inside information?

Former Billboard Employee: She, he, or it….was both. This Chang person rocked the industry and Billboard so much that it forced Bill Werde to make calls everywhere, get her fired, and then attempt to defend himself. He says he wasn’t fired, but just moved on to another position. However, he took the fall when it was discovered that Billboard was manipulating their charts in favor of Lady Gaga. Werde was in several meetings with Lady Gaga, Interscope, etc. and agreed to let all streams of her song “Dope” count towards the charts. However, there was one main problem: The video (and I’m not sure how much Interscope paid for it) for Lady Gaga’s performance of “Dope” was put in front of EVERY SINGLE YouTube video for the whole week. If somebody didn’t click “Skip” in five seconds, which most people didn’t, it counted towards the charts.

PMS: And the song hit the top 10 in Billboard the next week, even though it was far from a hit.

Former Billboard Employee: Exactly! That was the plan all along. To give an illusion that Gaga was so hot that she would have two hits in the top ten. I believe this is what got Werde fired, although Janice Min, who has taken over for Werde, isn’t much better when it comes to Billboard helping artists like Lady Gaga manipulate the charts.

Janice Min allowed Lady Gaga to pay for the "Billboard Woman of the Year" Award in 2015.
Janice Min allegedly allowed Lady Gaga to pay for the “Billboard Woman of the Year” Award in 2015.

PMS: Speaking of Janice Min…

Former Billboard Employee: She is an absolute disaster. The most dishonest and corrupt woman that has ever been born into this society. She actually agreed to give an award to Lady Gaga for “Woman of the Year” last year as long as Gaga funded money into one of Billboard’s charities, which I believe deals with educating lower-income students with music classes. You read the letter Prince posted, right?

One employee quit after learning of Billboard's scam with Lady Gaga
One employee quit after learning of Billboard’s scam with Lady Gaga

PMS: How did Prince get a hold of the letter?

Former Billboard Employee: I was gone by the time the controversy came to light. My understanding is that an employee, who is no longer an employee, sent it to Prince and other music industry insiders. Janice Min fired at least three employees who questioned the ethics of calling Lady Gaga the “Woman of the Year” when she didn’t even have one hit in 2015 and was being bashed by critics for her role in American Horror Story.

PMS: Wow! You mentioned Justin Bieber earlier…

Former Billboard Employee: Yes, Billboard was part of Justin Bieber’s comeback campaign. Thousands of dollars were poured in by Justin, his manager Scooter Braun, and Universal for a comeback campaign, which has worked. His management had literally written over 30 articles for Billboard to publish last year, which they did under certain authors. Billboard also held several meetings with Justin’s team to suggest how the highest chart numbers possible can be achieved. You would not believe it!

PMS: We believe it!

What do you think of this former Billboard employee’s revelations? Tell us in the comments section.

Read Part 1 of out interview here about how Billboard helped” Michael Jackson.

‘Billboard’ Helps Lady Gaga Manipulate A No. 15 Position For ‘Perfect Illusion’

‘Billboard’ Helps Lady Gaga Manipulate A No. 15 Position For ‘Perfect Illusion’

The Lady Gaga and Billboard scam machine keep going. The magazine that was paid money to call Lady Gaga “Woman of the Year” in 2015 has now published more than ten front-page stories about the former superstar and the alleged “success” of her single “Perfect Illusion.”

Yesterday, Billboard wrote a front-page story on how “Perfect Illusion” debuted at No. 15, although most other sources consider that a huge disappointment since the single was the most hyped-up one of the year. But there’s even more of an illusion here; the song shouldn’t have even debuted in the top 20.

As we have previously reported, there have been several meetings with Billboard that involved Interscope, Lady Gaga, and her manager Bobby Campbell. Why would Billboard hold meetings with individual artists about their chart positions? $$$$$. Lady Gaga and her team have paid Billboard so much money that they PRACTICALLY OWN the magazine.

The first meetings centered around making “Perfect Illusion” a huge smash. However, now that the song has flopped, the latest meeting centered around making “Perfect Illusion” seem like not quite the disappointment people are making it to be.

Billboard is highly aware of the manipulation software passed around to thousands of people in order to increase streams of the song. However, they are allowing thousands of fake streams of the song to count. In fact, even though Billboard didn’t suggest the particular software to team Gaga, they pointed out that there is software out there that can manipulate ip addresses and streams.

Lady Gaga and her team created several fake Twitter accounts to promote this chart manipulation software.
Lady Gaga and her team created several fake Twitter accounts to promote this chart manipulation software.

Billboard is also aware that several fans and Interscope employees gifted “Perfect Illusion” to  thousands of people in order to increase its chart position. The first week sales of the song should not be anything past 90,000. Of course, other artists do this too, but not to the extent Lady Gaga does.

The video for “Perfect Illusion” debuts tonight. We are told that a front-page story regarding the video and how wonderful it is was already written and given to Billboard at least two weeks ago. It will be interesting to see how Billboard keeps dealing with the fact that nobody is interested in the song.

An Interview With Former Veteran ‘Billboard’ Employee

An Interview With Former Veteran ‘Billboard’ Employee

As Pop Music Scandal has revealed Billboard’s unethical alliance with Lady Gaga these past couple weeks, a veteran employee of the magazine got in touch with us. We met for an hour conversation this afternoon, and the interview is very telling. Of course, for legal reasons, we can’t give his real name, but his information is interesting.

PMS: What made you get in touch with us and write such a passionate letter?

Former Billboard Employee: I worked with Billboard for several years. I thought what you wrote might have been over-exaggerated, but I just knew there was also some truth to it and wanted to tell you the real story.

PMS: What did we over-exaggerate?

Former Billboard Employee: I don’t think artists ever meet with Billboard and try and pay them cash to cheat. That is a ridiculous assumption (no offense). But you’re not far off. Billboard does do “favors” for certain artists or their record companies, but they don’t add unearned points to artists’ songs so they could chart better.

PMS: Be More Specific

Former Billboard Employee: In 1995, around the time Billboard started going downhill, Tommy Mottolla met with the magazine after Michael Jackson’s HIStory wasn’t selling as well as expected. Motolla wanted to know if Billboard had any “suggestions.”

I was at the meeting when they informed Motolla that since single sales were big, Sony could severely reduce the price of the single.  Thus, we have the beginning of the end of the relevance of Billboard‘s charts. “You Are Not Alone” was released at 99 cents (49 cents in come places) and debuted at No. 1 — thus giving the illusion that people still wanted to hear Michael Jackson. Then, Sony started doing this with a lot of artists. Soon, other labels followed.

PMS: Didn’t anybody at Billboard say something, like how wrong it was. 

Former Billboard Employee: If they did say something, they were fired. But, it gets worse. Later in the year, there was a meeting with Billboard, Sony, and, I think, Soundscan. Michael’s album had shipped more than 2.5 million copies though it didn’t sell nearly as much. Sony wanted to make it seem like a bigger hit because everybody was calling it a flop, though it certainly wasn’t a flop worldwide.


It was Billboard that suggested a double album (if the recordings go over a certain time — I forgot what that was) should get double certification. I thought it was an okay idea, but the only reason the idea even came up was to appease Sony, not because Billboard thought it was really the right thing to do. Suddenly, overnight, Michael Jackson’s album went from being certified 2X platinum to 5X.

PMS: But Billboard did change their charts in 1998 to reflect airplay more than sales, correct?

Former Billboard Employee: That was three years too late. And the only reason they did it was because a lot of people were criticizing the charts. Billboard didn’t care if the industry was cheating, After all, Billboard was now PART OF the industry, but pretending to be a magazine that reported on it.

PMS: You said in your letter that Billboard has special “relationships” with other artists besides Lady Gaga. 

Former Billboard Employee: Yes, Billboard tends to develop special relationships and act as a publicist for pop divas, given that over 80 percent of the employees are gay, not that there’s anything wrong with that. [He laughs at the Seinfeld reference from the 1980s.]

PMS: Can you give any names?

Former Billboard Employee: Well, at beginning of 2015, when reports that pre-orders for Madonna’s Rebel Heart album were crashing — which I thought was ridiculous because pre-orders don’t stay on top for a long time — her management contacted Billboard to try and fix up the PR damage. Billboard wrote a front-page article [it is posted here] about how pre-orders for the album were estimated at between 50,000 and 60,000 copies — that number was WAY exaggerated. If the album sold that much in pre-orders, there is no way it only debuted with sales slightly more than 100,00 copies when it came out.

Janet Jackson is another recent example. Her team had several meetings with Billboard. I don’t know what the contents of those meetings were about. I do know that Janet was gaming the system by giving away free copies of her album at her concerts to people who bought other things. Janet’s team claimed the album sales were part of a bundle, but many argued if those getting their free copies were aware of any bundle. Then, there was something that had to do with albums given away with Uber rides, but I don’t remember exactly what it was.

PMS: I remember the Janet Jackson thing and thought that Billboard needed to take a stand on that. 

Former Billboard Employee: Well, of course. And other employees were pissed as hell. But if they said anything, they were suddenly “let go.” It only got worse when Janice Min took over.

Stay tuned to Part 2 of Pop Music Scandal‘s interview, which deals more specifically with the truth behind Bill Werde’s exit, Janice Min’s takeover, and more specifics about Billboard‘s relationship with Lady Gaga. 

Interscope And Others Hold Emergency Meeting With Billboard Regarding Lady Gaga Flop ‘Perfect Illusion’

Interscope And Others Hold Emergency Meeting With Billboard Regarding Lady Gaga Flop ‘Perfect Illusion’

Pop Music Scandal can confirm that a meeting was held at approximately 1:00 pm EST between representatives from Interscope and Billboard at the music magazine’s Madison St. office today. Lady Gaga’s manager Bobby Campbell was on speakerphone. “Perfect Illusion” has come out on Friday, and although the responses among critics has been mixed, the response with listeners HAS BEEN DISASTROUS.

Pop Music Scandal told you last week that Billboard and Lady Gaga have been in a payola partnership for years, with Billboard accepting funds (for its charity) from the singer in order to win the “Woman of the Year” title in 2015. Prince posted a letter from a former Billboard employee to boss Janice Min late last year, but deleted the post after he was being harassed by Lady Gaga’s fans.

One employee quit after learning of Billboard's scam with Lady Gaga

And as we said last week, Billboard was paid to write an article about how well the song is doing, despite the fact that airplay has been paid for through hourly promotions with many Clear Channel stations. Well, that article came out this morningBillboard has agreed that they will post daily articles about “Perfect Illusion” in order to help its performance. They will also go out of there way to promote Lady Gaga’s album. Why not? They have been certainly paid a lot to do so.  As mentioned last week, Lady Gaga’s promotional team had allegedly paid gossip hack Roger Friedman from Showbiz411 to write a stream of positive articles about “Perfect Illusion.” Well, it looks like that happened. However, Friedman vehemently denies any money was paid.

The meeting that took place this afternoon was solely aimed at giving the illusion that “Perfect Illusion” is a hit. Gaga’s management asked Billboard if they can weigh streaming more on their charts, since Gaga’s audio clip on YouTube has been a huge hit. The problem — as explained in a previous article — is that Gaga’s promotion team is passing around illegal software to let fans stream “Perfect Illusion” many different times while appearing to be from many different locations.


Meanwhile, “Perfect Illusion” has fallen to No. 4  on iTunes and keeps bleeding sales. We are told that Lady Gaga had a near nervous breakdown this weekend, but her management persuaded her to stay away from Twitter. All the tweets that have come from Lady Gaga over the past couple of days have come from her PR team. She has even threatened to fire her manager Bobby Campbell, who has told her to wait and be patient.

You may ask why this is the only site that is writing about all this. We want to know the same thing. Lady Gaga and Billboard‘s unethical relationship should be the biggest scandal in music history, but you won’t be hearing about it in many places. The reason comes down to one symbol: $.

Lady Gaga: Several Fake Twitter Accounts Created With PURCHASED FAKE Followers To Promote “Perfect Illusion”

Lady Gaga: Several Fake Twitter Accounts Created With PURCHASED FAKE Followers To Promote “Perfect Illusion”

Trust us, this will NOT be a Lady Gaga site. But what is going on right now should be the BIGGEST MUSIC INDUSTRY SCANDAL of the decade. But because ethics in the media and music industry are so low, it may go unnoticed.

This site first reported that Lady Gaga and Billboard, who have had a PAYOLA deal for years, are “working together” to make “Perfect Illusion” one of the biggest hits of the year. Starting tomorrow, you will see non-stop hype from Billboard, who announced that “Perfect Illusion” was a No. 1 song on some chart even though it had never been released.

Starting tomorrow, you will see several articles on how the fans love it, how it is breaking records, and interviews with radio programmers on how much they and their listeners love the song. These articles have been PURCHASED and WRITTEN ahead of time. Besides Billboard, we hear that Gaga has teamed up with a site called Showbiz411 in order to hype the song.

Remember when we said that several Twitter accounts would be created with SEVERAL THOUSAND paid followers. Well, if you didn’t believe us…

Hmm..lets look at “Eric’s” tweet from yesterday.

Let’s take a look at Eric’s followers.

A majority of them, despite the fact that the account was created a week ago, are rather suspicious. Click on them and you’ll know what we mean. It turns out they were ALL PURCHASED. Many of them are the same EXACT followers of this recent account, which just happens to tweet the same exact things.

Hmm…tweeting links to manipulate page views. It certainly sounds like something Lady Gaga would be involved with. Let’s look at “Jade’s” tweet from yesterday.

And, LOOK AT THE FOLLOWERS. Lil Monster Julio has almost the same EXACT TWEETS, but he didn’t tweet illegal software to manipulate the charts like the other accounts did. You would think people would be able to come up with better and more creative names! There are a lot more of these types of accounts, but we’re too tired to search for and list all of them.

So, despite the fact that Lady Gaga’s fans have been sending us pictures of BEHEADINGS, DEATH THREATS, etc., we are not budging. Despite the fact that Billboard‘s legal team has sent us a CEASE AND DESIST LETTER, we’re not ceasing anything. Both Billboard and Lady Gaga are the most insulting things to ever happen to the music industry, and we will risk everything to bring you the truth.

Lady Gaga Plans To Exploit Gays And The Mentally Ill To Promote New Single And Album

Lady Gaga Plans To Exploit Gays And The Mentally Ill To Promote New Single And Album

Sorry, Little Monsters, sending pictures and videos of people being beheaded by ISIS won’t stop us from revealing the truth. In fact, stuff like this makes us more determined. Instead of getting mad at us and other websites, you should take a step back and realize that your “mommy” really doesn’t give a damn about you, just your money.

But you have to give credit to Lady Gaga. She shuffles though maligned groups of people LIKE A CARD GAME and exploits them as much as she can. That’s not to say she hasn’t done helpful things. She has brought attention to bullying, gay marriage, sexual assault, and other topics. BUT SHE MAKES IT ALL ABOUT HER!

Pop Music Scandal can verify that there is currently an email campaign for gay bars all across the country to help Lady Gaga’s “Perfect Illusion.” Gay bars have been sent the following suggestions:

  • On its tentative release September 9, it has been suggested that“Perfect Illusion” should be played once per hour for the entire weekend.
  • Gay bar managers are told to let customers know the song can be purchased on iTunes or and that the song CAN BE GIFTED SEVERAL TIMES! Customers are told that they should BUY COPIES FOR ALL THEIR FRIENDS, FAMILY MEMBERS, CO-WORKERS, and TEACHERS because….THEY SHOULD ALL BE ABLE TO RECEIVE THE GIFT OF GOOD MUSIC (LOL)!
  • Customers are to be told that “Perfect Illusion” can be streamed everywhere, but that the promotional team is primarily interested in YouTube or Vevo views. There will allegedly be many videos released before the official video. It is even suggested that customers should stream the videos AS MANY TIMES AS POSSIBLE AND AT MANY LOCATIONS AS POSSIBLE to keep the “momentum” going.

    Lady Gaga continues her tradition of exploiting gay people to promote a project.
    Lady Gaga continues her tradition of exploiting gay people to promote a project.

It gets even worse. Gay bars have been asked to loop videos that show Lady Gaga as a gay rights activist, including her reading the names of the Orlando shooting victims. WHAT A WAY TO USE A TRAGEDY IN ORDER TO SELL RECORDS!

You think that’s all? Pop Music Scandal can reveal that after exploiting “the gays” and sexual assault victims, Lady Gaga will now be working to make herself the spokesperson for the mentally ill. Her FRAUD FOUNDATION that was criticized for money laundering will be concentrating on this issue as Gaga prepares to release her new album, which we are told will contain several ballads.

Meanwhile, be sure to watch Billboard. As we explained in a previous post, the magazine, which unethically helped her non-hit “Dope” become a hit, has already prepared articles interviewing radio programmers about how much their audience loves “Perfect Illusion,” and about how Twitter is going crazy for it, even though several fake accounts with purchased followers have been used to promote the song.

We actually hear that “Perfect Illusion” is a pretty decent song. SO WHY CAN’T THE MUSIC JUST SPEAK FOR ITSELF?

Katy Perry And Madonna: A Match Made In Hell

Katy Perry And Madonna: A Match Made In Hell

There is some good news and bad news for Katy Perry and Madonna fans. First the good news: Both of them are working on new music. Now, the bad news: Both of them are WORKING TOGETHER. Why does Madonna always have to hook up with younger singers in order to be relevant? You know, she could be relevant just by being Madonna. She is more talented than people give her credit for (but that Prince tribute was ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC). Madonna needs to embrace her age, NOT RUN AWAY FROM IT.

Katy Perry is getting less and less popular.
Katy Perry is getting less and less popular.

As for Katy Perry, she hasn’t had the best of luck with her new song “Rise.” Actually, Perry has been going downhill for a while. Prism wasn’t half the success Teenage Dream was. Katy Perry may be a nice gal, but she’s limited in the talent department. In a way, Madonna is (once again) lowering herself by working with Perry, just as she did with Britney Spears. Then again, Perry is lowering herself by working with Madonna. We could get another “Pretty Girls” type duet that Britney Spears did with Iggy Azalea.

We hear that Katy Perry was definitely going to release her next album in October. However, because “Rise” hasn’t been quite the hit she expected, Perry needs some “space” before releasing her next single. It’s possible that she’ll release a surprise album in December. Perry would be wise to do so. Christmas season is the biggest time for record sales. And you know she would love to compete with Lady Gaga again.

Madonna is taking a much-needed break from the public eye.
Madonna is taking a much-needed break from the public eye.

As for Madonna, she is purposely taking a (much needed) break from the public eye. She’s in the process of changing her image, THANK GOD. Let’s hope she gets a PR manager who can tell her how to use Instagram correctly and to stop trying to act like she’s 30 years younger. Besides recording a duet with Katy Perry, it’s possible Madonna may give some low-key concerts in the next year or so, but a new album is not in the picture anytime soon.

Pop star collaborations are usually a recipe for failure. Is there any way we can somehow stop Madonna and Katy Perry from recording together and assaulting our ears?

Is Britney Spears Really Back, Bitch?

Is Britney Spears Really Back, Bitch?

To all our gay readers: We don’t hate Britney Spears. We just have to wonder what all the latest comeback hype is about. Truthfully, she’s been down, but not really gone. She honestly hasn’t been “current” for at least five years. Her latest album Glory is certainly her best in  years. But why is there a major “Britney Spears” comeback EVERY TIME SHE RELEASES AN ALBUM?

Perhaps a lot of people have sympathy for Britney Spears. She was a child star who grew up a little too fast, and then started facing a backlash around 2003. It started when she kissed Madonna at the MTV VMAs in 2003. It culminated in 2007 during Britney’s mental breakdown. Who could ever forget her 2007 MTV VMAs performance?

We had high hopes for Britney’s performance on Sunday evening. However, she ended up disappointing a lot of people.

Not only was the lip-syncing bad, but Spears’ dancing was almost as bad as it was in 2007. Many of the reactions on Twitter are very negative.

You can bet that you will wake up tomorrow to nothing but raves over Spears’ performance. And that’s sad in itself. People need to be honest with Britney Spears. LET HER KNOW HOW AWFUL SHE IS! LET HER KNOW THAT SHE COULD DO BETTER! Why doesn’t Britney actually try and do something where she actually sings for once? We know she can do it. That would be the REAL comeback.

Our prediction is that Spears’ album will debut high, but drop immediately. Despite all the hype, it’s not No. 1 on iTunes or Amazon right now. We would tell Britney to go away or stay in Los Vegas, but we know she has a real comeback in her. But not this time. Are we being too harsh on Britney Spears? Let us know in the discussion section right after this article.