Has Jay-Z Been Cheating On Beyonce With Megyn Kelly?

Has Jay-Z Been Cheating On Beyonce With Megyn Kelly?

This is a story that sounds as fiction as can be, but isn’t. Several reliable sources have revealed that Jay-Z and Megyn Kelly from Fox News are “very close,” but have tried to keep it a secret.

Of course, Jay-Z stands for everything Fox News is against. But one can say that Megyn Kelly isn’t your typical Fox News personality. Is Megyn Kelly the “Becky” that Beyonce had been talking about on Lemonade?

Pop Music Scandal has been told that the two have been hooking up for years — since 2011. In fact, in 2012, both of them stayed for several weekends at the Extended Stay Suites in Burbank, CA — a hotel that isn’t trashy, but one that’s definitely not a spot for famous people. There is a Starbucks right across the street at the shopping center. When Megyn Kelly is in California (she takes several trips there), she is often seen there.

It’s hard to imagine Jay-Z and Megyn Kelly as a secret couple, but our sources point to this really being true. Can you imagine what their kids would look like?


    Hahaha I hope this is true. That would be too good. Well, not for Beyonce’s sake. I like Beyonce… so I hope it’s not true for her sake!

  • Nick Freno

    Total nonsense…