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Lady Gaga Allegedly Called One Of Her Gay Blackface Slaves The ‘N’ Word

Lady Gaga Allegedly Called One Of Her Gay Blackface Slaves The ‘N’ Word

After our article about Lady Gaga posing with men in blackface appeared earlier this week, Lady Gaga has tried to do everything she can to deflect  from it. She knows our story has made the rounds on Twitter.

Pop Music Scandal did some research and came in contact with Adalrich Schulz, the “slave” on her right. We verified it was him, but he only agreed to talk if we don’t show his real picture. Schulz revealed that the photo was taken in 2010, not 2011. But he and his friend weren’t just two men in blackface that cornered Lady Gaga for a photo; GAGA ACTUALLY HAD THEM PUT ON THEIR COSTUMES AND MAKEUP.

“She said she wanted to show how both black people and gay people are repressed by society. She was going to use the picture for some type of PSA or magazine shoot that never happened,” Schulz says,” adding that Gaga was high out of her mind when telling them about her plans.

It looks like posing with gay guys in Blackface is really the way to promote tolerance, AT LEAST FOR GAGA. But it gets worse — Schulz says she called him the N word.

“She told me that I’m her “Ni**a. She was obviously joking around, but didn’t seem to have enough self awareness about how offensive she was acting. She was clearly high and drunk that night,” Schulz reveals, adding that she referred to herself as the “Wonder Woman of the gay community.”

Lady Gaga thinks she is the gay community's 'Wonder Woman.'
Lady Gaga thinks she is the gay community’s ‘Wonder Woman.’

Schulz says he felt really bad about letting Gaga dress him as a gay slave weeks later. He was a huge fan, would do anything to meet her, and this was an opportunity he couldn’t resist.

“I’m not racist at all. I just didn’t think clearly. With the #BlackLivesMatter movement gaining ground over the past few years, I’ve felt even more bad about what I did. But there were no harmful intentions,” Schulz reveals.

One week later, Schulz and his friends received calls from Gaga’s lawyers threatening them in every way possible if they talk about what happened that night. But Schulz says he can no longer remain silent.

“Lady Gaga supposedly preaches equality and tolerance. But using blackface to allegedly promote gay rights was disgusting and exploitative. I can no longer keep my mouth shut about it,” Schulz angrily states.

What’s next for Lady Gaga — WEARING A BURQA to promote FEMINISM? Oh, wait.

Lady Gaga Disgustingly EXPLOITS #BlackLivesMatter Despite Her Racist Past

Lady Gaga Disgustingly EXPLOITS #BlackLivesMatter Despite Her Racist Past

The main picture says it all. I don’t know the story behind the picture. Some say that Gaga was drunk when the picture was taken in 2011, but that DOESN’T EXCUSE IT! What is true is that with all the racial disharmony that has been going on in the world, the photo (which is legit — not photoshopped) has made waves over the past year, despite efforts by team Gaga to repress it.

Pop Music Scandal can confirm that Lady Gaga has been SCARED TO DEATH that the photo would go viral — so much, that she has paid a lot of money to keep sites such as TMZ from publishing the photo. She also decided to become a #BlackLivesMatter activist in order to deflate the criticism from her racist past.

Lady Gaga posed in blackface in 2010.
Lady Gaga posed in blackface in 2010.

Now that Joanne isn’t receiving the response it should, Gaga is using #BlackLivesMatter to shield herself from criticism of her album. This is how Gaga went after a New York Times critic who gave the album a mediocre review.

The song she is referring to not only has cheesy lyrics, but never actually mentions Trayvon Martin. Pop Music Scandal can reveal that “Angel Down” has only become a #BlackLivesMatter song at Interscope‘s request — they believe it will help sell more albums and that it will help manipulate critics into giving the album a good review. If critics don’t praise the album, they’ll be targeted as “racist” by Team Gaga. An Interscope employee tells us that Gaga will continue to target journalists — especially if they aren’t Black — to deflect any criticism from her album.

Meanwhile, the payola with Billboard continues as they have published more then 10 front-page articles on her in the past couple days. Billboard‘s review of Joanne, which hasn’t been published as of Thursday night, was written by Lady Gaga’s PR team and will be given a Billboard author’s credit. Pathetic.

‘Billboard’ Names Madonna Woman Of The Year — In 2016

‘Billboard’ Names Madonna Woman Of The Year — In 2016

I have to be careful on how I write this. Judging by emails, tweets, and comments, over half of Pop Music Scandal readers are Madonna fans. We don’t dislike Madonna AT ALL, but think her past five years — at least since the release of MDNA — have been, well, reductive.

When we reported that Madge was in talks to do a duet with Katy Perry, we noted that Madonna is far more talented than she is given credit for. We also said something controversial that upset her fans: Madonna needs to embrace her age, NOT RUN AWAY FROM IT. Yeah, we know — ageism this and ageism that. You can do better Madge.

Bennett Raglin / Stringer
No, Madge…just…NO!!

That said we weren’t entirely upset (nor entirely happy) when Billboard decided to name Madonna “Woman of the Year” in 2016. We can reveal that Madonna didn’t pay ONE CENT for this title, unlike some other artist. Her manager Guy Oseary has campaigned for this title since 2012, but it’s only this year that Billboard agreed.

Madonna is almost never given credit for her influence in music (when she used to make good records), and, especially, her influence in LGBT rights. Millennials don’t want to believe something existed unless there is an app for it on their iPhone, but there was a time, just twenty years ago, when the LGBT community was treated like trash…PURE TRASH!

Madonna risked her career to stand up for the gay community. No, she didn’t meet with any politicians, but most politicians couldn’t even say the word “gay” in the 1980’s or early 1990’s without suffering a backlash. Madonna suffered a backlash, but she also guaranteed she would have a dedicated following till the day she dies. So it’s great that Billboard is recognizing an older woman whose influence has spread far beyond music.

Is this what caused Elton John to call Madonna a "fairground stripper"?
Is this what caused Elton John to call Madonna a “fairground stripper”?

However, this is the year 2016…! Sorry Madonna stans, but can you name something she did this year that would qualify for “Woman of the Year”? Yeah, there was the Rebel Heart Tour, where she started shows two hours later than scheduled (some would argue that at least she performed despite her horrible family situation). There was that awful Prince tribute. There was that time she dressed up in the worst outfit ever and claimed it was for all for “women’s rights.” Yeah, there was that awesome performance of “Borderline” on the Tonight Show. But 2016 was NOT Madonna’s year.

Listen, Madonna stans — we are not saying that 2017 won’t be Madonna’s year. 2018 may even be a great year for her, just like 2005 and 1998 were. Billboard should change the name of the award to the “Women’s Lifetime Achievement Award” this year since that’s pretty much what they are giving Madonna the award for. But an award with the numbers “2016” should be given to Beyonce or Adele, two women who truly did rule 2016.

Main Photo: Graham Denholm/Getty Images

Is Lady Gaga Planning To Exploit Orlando Victims At Super Bowl?

Is Lady Gaga Planning To Exploit Orlando Victims At Super Bowl?

Paying Billboard millions of dollars to write front-page articles about her? Check! Paying Billboard to name her “Woman of the Year” in 2015 despite not having one single hit? Check! Paying the NFL millions of dollars (much of that comes from Interscope) to let her headline their Halftime show? Check!

Pop Music Scandal has heard from one of the Orlando shooting victims (who doesn’t want to be named for obvious reasons) who says he has been contacted by Lady Gaga’s team in order to participate in the Super Bowl Halftime Show in 2017. Some would say that’s fair enough. However, wait until you read his email.


He told us that four days after the event, Lady Gaga called him personally at the hostpital to ask him how he was feeling.

“It was very touching and she seemed sincere,” he told us.

“However, I kept getting calls from her PR reps to appear in a new ad for her Born This Way Foundation. I would have done it, but the script called for me to recite all of the things Lady Gaga has done for gay rights. It was all about HER and not ANY CAUSE.”

The Orlando victim told us that he knows of three more victims who have been contacted by Team Gaga, but only one other was asked to participate in the Super Bowl Halftime Show SO FAR. He said that everybody was invited to attend one of her future shows.

Pop Music Scandal can reveal that Lady Gaga indeed is trying to make the Super Bowl all about HER, which generally would be okay if she wasn’t using the gay community to prop her up as the Evita of the gay community. Gaga is going to try and push the fact that she is making history by being the first bisexual performer (Gaga calling herself “bisexual,” by the way, is a COMPLETE MARKETING SCAM) to headline the Halftime Show. Of course, that is not true because Fergie is openly bisexual and headlined the show with the Black Eyed Peas in 2009. WE WISH WE COULD FORGET ABOUT THAT PERFORMANCE!!

Meanwhile, as we mentioned, reviews will start trickling in for Joanne very soon. The first reviews you’ll see, which were paid for, will be completely positive. We have read the review that Gaga’s PR team proposed to Billboard and it is hilarious. Stay tuned for more!

No, Beyonce Isn’t A Scam Artist: She’s A Master Of Marketing

No, Beyonce Isn’t A Scam Artist: She’s A Master Of Marketing

We have received several letters asking why don’t we do an expose on Beyonce. “If you go after Lady Gaga and others, you HAVE TO GO AFTER BEYONCE!” Actually, we don’t. Let us explain.

Is Beyonce fake? Probably! Is Beyonce manipulative? Probably! Was Lemonade really from the heart? Probably not! Did she and Jay-Z get together and plan that Beyonce, as a publicity stunt, would write a song about him cheating on her? Probably! Once again, does this make her fake? Yes! Does this make her a “scam artist”? No.

Beyonce is one of today's top performers.
Beyonce is one of today’s top performers.

Beyonce is doing what many people did before her. Michael Jackson always used “the children” for his publicity stunts. Mariah Carey even turned her divorce into a publicity stunt. For many other artists, it’s world hunger. They may not care about what they are singing about, but at least they are not PAYING PEOPLE TO PRETEND THEY CARE.

As far as we know, Beyonce — unlike Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber — has never given a cent to Billboard and other magazines to write positive things about her. She has NEVER TRIED to goad her fans into buying multiple copies of her song so it can do better on the charts. In 2011, Beyonce did tell Billboard that if she appeared, they would have to give her some type of award. Billboard ended up giving her the Millennium Award in 2011. That’s common for an awards show.

Beyonce has changed the way artists market albums.
Beyonce has changed the way artists market albums.

At times, Beyonce seems more like a PRODUCT than an ACTUAL STAR. However, at times, her TALENT equals the product she tries to emote. Lady Gaga and others should take notes from Beyonce. No matter how fake you are, people will respond if your MUSIC IS GOOD and if it is promoted properly. If a song is going to become a hit, it’s going to be a hit. If an album is going to be a hit, then it’s going to be a hit.

Beyonce broke the mold with her 2013 self-titled album. There weren’t MONTHS OF HYPE. Queen Bey didn’t need to RUN THOUGH THE STREETS NAKED in order to get attention. She just put out a good surprise album that would inspire others to do the same. I agree with Beyonce’s haters in that she could be very annoying. But she’s also very smart and — unlike others — ETHICAL.

Lady Gaga Paid $5 Million For Super Bowl Gig And Even More To ‘Billboard’

Lady Gaga Paid $5 Million For Super Bowl Gig And Even More To ‘Billboard’

Read: Lady Gaga’s Unethical Payola Deal With Billboard

The corruption with Lady Gaga gets worse as the days go by. Pop Music Scandal has learned that despite denials from the NFL and Pepsi, the former pop superstar has actually paid her way into the Super Bowl. Despite denials from the NFL, Adele was the first choice. She wasn’t going to pay anything, and the NFL would have covered production costs.

Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears were also in contention for the gig. As a matter of fact, it was an almost done deal with Spears as of last month. And even though Spears is an icon, it’s a good thing the NFL didn’t go through with the deal after some of Britney’s most recent sub-par performances. But the real reason Britney’s deal fell though is because Gaga actually offered money for the gig. A LOT OF MONEY! Pop Music Scandal can reveal that Gaga paid $5 million up front. The NFL will also pay for all production costs. She will also give a very small percentage of money from ticket sales (a tour will be announced right after the performance) to the NFL. All in all, Lady Gaga could be paying more than $10 million to perform.

Lady Gaga pays the NFL and 'Billboard' millions of dollars in order to be relevant.
Lady Gaga pays the NFL and Billboard millions of dollars in order to be relevant.

Is this a smart deal for Lady Gaga? Perhaps. But it’s also unethical. NO ACT HAS EVER paid to be the Super Bowl Halftime performer. There were rumors that Katy Perry was asked to pay for the Super Bowl show a couple years back, but those rumors were completely blown out of proportion. In recent years, the NFL has asked acts to pay for some production costs which are higher than they usually pay. This is only the LATEST IN A SERIES of unethical activities from Lady Gaga.

Read: Shocking Interview With Former ‘Billboard’ Employee

If you think the money she is paying to the NFL is unethical, Pop Music Scandal is told that she has paid several million more to Billboard over the years. Pop Music Scandal was the first site to report that Lady Gaga and her team met with Billboard this summer to help Lady Gaga’s comeback. Since the release of “Perfect Illusion,” Billboard has published more than 30 front-page headlines about Lady Gaga — many which were written by her PR team and given credit to a Billboard author. If you don’t believe us, just do a Google search for “Billboard Lady Gaga.”

Lady Gaga has paid 'Billboard' for several front-page headline articles.
Lady Gaga has paid Billboard for several front-page headline articles.

Team Gaga has gone into overdrive this week after “Perfect Illusion” dropped from No. 15 to No. 42. This is a HORRIBLE FALL for a first single from a major artist. For any other artist, it would be a negative headline. Instead, Billboard produced several front-page headlines this week about Lady Gaga’s tattoos, Lady Gaga’s hair, Lady Gaga’s “successful” comeback, and even Lady Gaga’s tweets. We are told that Gaga’s team wanted Billboard to try and make “Perfect Illusion” a top 10 hit, but Billboard has already been in trouble for accepting cash in order to make “Dope” a top 10 hit in 2013 despite the fact that nobody ever heard of it.

Read: ‘Billboard’ Helps Lady Gaga Manipulate A No. 15 Position For ‘Perfect Illusion’

How can Lady Gaga top herself? We are told that several music critics have been paid cash to give glowing reviews for Joanne, her album that will be out on October 21. There was recently a “listening party” for certain critics who will write the very first reviews for Joanne. One critic is from Entertainment Weekly, but we have been told that Billboard (surprise, surprise) will give the album an especially good review. Will Gaga keep getting away with her shenanigans? Stay tuned!