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Michael Jackson: Where Were Some Of His ‘Fans’ Before His Death?

Michael Jackson: Where Were Some Of His ‘Fans’ Before His Death?

Several stars and fans celebrated Michael Jackson’s birthday on Monday. Mr. Jackson would have been 58 years old. I’ll never forget going out with a couple of friends two nights before his death, which TMZ first reported on the afternoon of June 25, 2009.  The consensus was unanimous when we went out for drinks — Michael Jackson was a sick and perverted pedophile whose time as a superstar had long passed by.

Cue to going out with the friends two weeks after his death and they were all like, “OMG, I was his biggest fan!” I still can’t comprehend how someone’s death can bring that much change in opinion, but it happened: Michael Jackson went from being a monster to becoming a saint overnight.

Michael Jackson Death
Suddenly, everybody loved Jackson after he died. [Laura Rauch/AP Images]
Suddenly, you were condemned if you ever mentioned the fact that Michael Jackson may have been a child molester. Some fans made up fake reports that said Jackson’s first accuser, Jordan Chandler, admitted he lied about Jackson’s molestation. If any journalist talked bad about Michael Jackson, you could bet his fans did everything they could to get them fired. MTV’s VMAs in 2009 were a Jackson worship fest. This went on for a couple years, and then it became fashionable to bash Michael Jackson again.

Personally, I was always a fan of his music. I still believe Jackson did some unethical things with children, but the reports were likely over-exaggerated. Who knew what really happened. I’m not trying to put anything on Jackson’s accusers, but I’m sure some of them (and their parents) were out for money. Part of me thinks Radar Online is brave for recently exposing what a corrupt person Michael Jackson could have been, but another part of me thinks their stories are exploitative, and, most importantly, tasteless since the man is dead. He doesn’t get to defend himself.

Sometimes, it’s hard to listen to such amazing songs as “Man In The Mirror” or “Earth Song,” knowing how hypocritical Jackson might have been. I really can’t listen to “Heal The World” anymore, but that wasn’t one of Michael Jackson’s best songs in the first place.

But what really strikes me when listening to these songs is that Jackson might still be here today if some of those people who claim they “have always loved him” really showed Jackson love at the time he needed it the most. Instead, they helped throw him off the metaphoric cliff. His longtime fans may be annoying and, at times, even psychotic. But, you know what: At least they are and were not hypocrites.

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Is Britney Spears Really Back, Bitch?

Is Britney Spears Really Back, Bitch?

To all our gay readers: We don’t hate Britney Spears. We just have to wonder what all the latest comeback hype is about. Truthfully, she’s been down, but not really gone. She honestly hasn’t been “current” for at least five years. Her latest album Glory is certainly her best in  years. But why is there a major “Britney Spears” comeback EVERY TIME SHE RELEASES AN ALBUM?

Perhaps a lot of people have sympathy for Britney Spears. She was a child star who grew up a little too fast, and then started facing a backlash around 2003. It started when she kissed Madonna at the MTV VMAs in 2003. It culminated in 2007 during Britney’s mental breakdown. Who could ever forget her 2007 MTV VMAs performance?

We had high hopes for Britney’s performance on Sunday evening. However, she ended up disappointing a lot of people.

Not only was the lip-syncing bad, but Spears’ dancing was almost as bad as it was in 2007. Many of the reactions on Twitter are very negative.

You can bet that you will wake up tomorrow to nothing but raves over Spears’ performance. And that’s sad in itself. People need to be honest with Britney Spears. LET HER KNOW HOW AWFUL SHE IS! LET HER KNOW THAT SHE COULD DO BETTER! Why doesn’t Britney actually try and do something where she actually sings for once? We know she can do it. That would be the REAL comeback.

Our prediction is that Spears’ album will debut high, but drop immediately. Despite all the hype, it’s not No. 1 on iTunes or Amazon right now. We would tell Britney to go away or stay in Los Vegas, but we know she has a real comeback in her. But not this time. Are we being too harsh on Britney Spears? Let us know in the discussion section right after this article.

White Supremist Taylor Swift And Her Louisiana Publicity Stunt

White Supremist Taylor Swift And Her Louisiana Publicity Stunt

Welcome to the Clickbait Motel. Taylor Swift is NOT A WHITE SUPREMACIST, but it’s hilarious (admittingly, at her expense) that she has become a target for social justice warriors. It’s crazy how people pick apart her videos in order to come up with some proof that underneath the glitz, she’s actually a Nazi.

Taylor’s temporary (and trust us, it is temporary) downfall is a result of her trying to be a saint, WHICH SHE OBVIOUSLY ISN’T. Taylor Swift also tries to come off as someone who came from nothing and became something. That is false as well.

The website Salon, which seems to be on a mission to destroy Swift’s reputation, did make the point that Swift certainly isn’t an underdog.

“Like a lot of country singers – that’s how she first broke in – Taylor Swift grew up on a farm. It wasn’t a subsistence farm in the rough part of Kentucky but a Christmas-tree farm in Pennsylvania.”

Taylor’s mother worked in finance. Her father was recently a stockbroker for Merrill Lynch. She once told a magazine in her hometown that it mattered what kind of handbag you brought to school.

Like Lady Gaga, Swift tries to pretend that she’s a very nice girl. But behind the scenes, she could be AN ABSOLUTE MONSTER. Most recent is the Kanye West situation, in which Taylor claimed to be a victim of West’s misogynist abuse. However, as Kim Kardashian revealed in her Instagram post, Swift wasn’t quite a victim.

Pop Music Scandal can reveal that Taylor Swift freaked out about the reaction to Kim’s video. She thinks she is “being punished” for something she feels she didn’t do. Swift was advised not to speak much about this, but her team is trying to remake her into a charity princess. After all, it worked for Angelina Jolie. Step one was to have Swift make a one million dollar donation to Louisiana flood victims. Yes, Swift’s donation is helpful, but it’s also a great tax write-off. She is also using the Louisiana flood victims as props to repair her image.

Swift earned such good publicity for her good deed that her public relations team has been extremely busy, contacting all news sources to let them know that Swift just donated $50,000 to a Louisiana food bank. Once again, a great deed. BUT HOW MUCH OF THIS REALLY COMES FROM THE HEART?

Pop Music Scandal can also reveal that Swift desperately wanted to sue Kanye West for illegally recording her phone calls (she would have a good case for it, too), but that she was advised she would just hurt her career further. In the meantime, you can expect Swift to make her charity tour to other places soon. Her public relations team will post pictures of her charity exploits everywhere. It’s all good, just as long as she’s helping instead of killing people.

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What Happened To ‘Rolling Stone’?

What Happened To ‘Rolling Stone’?

In the 1970s, 1980s, and part of the 1990s, Rolling Stone was a music industry staple. If you made the cover of Rolling Stone, you basically “made it.” If your album received four stars from Rolling Stone, it was officially a good album. And if you were dissed by Rolling Stone, your PR manager had a lot of work to do.

Now, the magazine is just a shadow of itself. It’s no longer an important part of pop culture. PERHAPS IT SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN SO. It ends up that the magazine, under the direction of Jann Wenner, has always been a corporate shill. The Observer wrote about Wenner’s squelching of a negative review of Hootie and the Blowfish’s new album in 1996.

“Rolling Stone founder and editor Jann Wenner recently killed a negative review of the new Hootie and the Blowfish album, according to a source at the magazine. After that, he found another writer who would come up with a more palatable take on the band that sells million upon millions of albums.”

That source was veteran critic Jim Derogotis, who was soon fired from the magazine after he gave The Observer this following quote when asked if Jann Wenner was a Hootie fan.

“No, I think he’s just a fan of bands which sell eight and a half million million copies.”

Since then, there have been accusations of rigged Rolling Stone polls, pay-for-play reviews, and other things the magazine used to not be associated with. At least one of those accusations are true. Do you remember the album Working on a Dream by Bruce Springsteen from 2009? Don’t worry if you don’t; it received mostly negative reviews.

The 'Rolling Stone' five star review for Bruce Springsteen's critically panned album was indirectly purchased.
The ‘Rolling Stone’ five-star review for Bruce Springsteen’s critically panned album was indirectly purchased.

However, Rolling Stone gave the album five stars. This was after Sony Music agreed to pour money into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which was facing money problems after many scandals (more on those in another article). As Slate attested in 2012, Rolling Stone had always been a shill for Bruce Springsteen. Most of it came out of a decades-long fanboy obsession Jann Wenner always had with Bruce. But with Working on a Dream, it was financial.

Let’s also never forget about the faux rape story Rolling Stone produced, “A Rape on Campus.” The article, written by former (for a reason) editor Sabrina Rubin Erdely, was problematic from the very beginning. Not only did Rolling Stone’s article insult true rape victims, but it insulted true journalists as well.

Rolling Stone still exists, but it has become an absolute joke. The only time Rolling Stone is taken seriously is when people talk about the serious decline of journalism over the past 15 years.

Lady Gaga And Billboard: A Match Made In Unethical Payola Heaven

Lady Gaga And Billboard: A Match Made In Unethical Payola Heaven

For the next several months, we will have a lot of stuff on Lady Gaga, who is about to put out a new album. Like previous Gaga albums, she is going all out for this one. Promotion is fine. However, hiring a top trade magazine like Billboard to support your campaign isn’t. Unless you forgot, Billboard is the magazine that agreed to call Gaga “Woman of the Year” in 2015.

What did Gaga actually do to be given that title? Not much. She did have a critically acclaimed performance at the Oscars. She went on tour with Tony Bennett. She had a role in American Horror Story and literally bought herself a Golden Globe, despite mixed reviews (more on that in another post). This is all fine and dandy, but you don’t think of Lady Gaga when you think of 2015. PERHAPS THIS LETTER TO JANICE MIN that Prince posted and then deleted, SAYS IT ALL.

One employee quit after learning of Billboard's scam with Lady Gaga
One Billboard employee quit after learning of Lady Gaga’s scam to be called “Woman of the Year.”

The rumor was that Lady Gaga agreed donate to one of Billboard‘s charities. But we hear that there was more involved, including an alleged promise by Interscope Records to give Billboard more access to its artists. However, the Gaga and Billboard love and pay fest has gone on FOR YEARS. Billboard constantly puts Gaga on their covers and their front-page internet headlines, and it’s not because everybody at the magazine loves Gaga. There’s more to it. Billboard has also been directly involved in manipulating their charts for Lady Gaga.

Have you ever heard of a song by Lady Gaga called “Dope”? Probably not!

A meeting took place with Team Gaga and Billboard in late October of 2013. It was pretty much a given that ARTPOP would not be a big hit. It has been suggested that editorial director Bill Werde (who was replaced with Janice Min two months later) was the one who managed the meeting and suggested that if Lady Gaga had two hits in the top ten (“Applause” was currently there), album sales would increase because fans, reporters, and industry insiders would believe that she’s doing well.

Lady Gaga 'Billboard'
‘Billboard’ manipulated their ethics and charts in order to try and make ‘ARTPOP’ a hit.

It’s also important to note that Werde has vehemently denied being involved in anything that would help Lady Gaga manipulate the charts. As a matter of fact, he chastised Lady Gaga for tweeting her fans a link that would loop her video several times in order to score more chart points when “Applause” was first released in August of 2013. Whether Werde knows of the meeting or not, it CERTAINLY TOOK PLACE.

Since Billboard counted video streaming into its chart method, there was a plan: Gaga was performing “Dope” at the YouTube Awards and they could use the performance of “Dope” as an advertisement for millions of other YouTube videos. For one week, the performance would play anytime somebody played another video. This was basically throwing a performance that people didn’t ask for in their faces. And you thought U2 were bad with their Apple deal? Well….VIOLA! THERE’S YOUR HIT, GAGA! ANOTHER ACHIEVEMENT YOU DIDN’T EARN.

Since Gaga actually performed at the YouTube awards, the advertisement didn’t cost much. The song barely sold on iTunes. IT WAS NEVER PLAYED ON RADIO STATIONS! However, it soon hit No. 8 on the Billboard Hot 100, and Lady Gaga, Interscope, and even Billboard bragged how Lady Gaga was such a big star because she had two songs in the top ten. The next week, without the support of the streaming scam, “Dope” fell out of the Hot 100. The fact that the charts were manipulated to give Lady Gaga a hit she never earned is a scandal, but the fact the people WHO PRODUCED THE CHARTS actually helped Gaga is an even bigger scam.

If you thought that was bad, wait until you see what Billboard has up their sleeves for Lady Gaga’s new single “Perfect Illusion.”

Lady Gaga and Billboard are currently, um, "working together" to make "Perfect Illusion" a huge hit. [Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]
Lady Gaga and ‘Billboard’ are currently, um, “working together” to make “Perfect Illusion” a huge hit. [Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]
“There have been two meetings that have already taken place with Billboard. The plan is to make “Perfect Illusion” one of the biggest worldwide hits of all-time, even if it isn’t received well,” a source at Billboard tells us. The trade magazine has already prepared several articles in order to hype up the single.

One article quotes different radio station program directors saying how much they and their listeners love “Perfect Illusion.” THIS IS LONG BEFORE THE SINGLE HAS EVEN BEEN HEARD! Another article has “Perfect Illusion” making some type of Twitter history, even though it is completely made up. An article that Gaga’s PR team wrote in late July, which Billboard will present as their own article, is about the crazy reactions on Twitter.

In the meantime, Lady Gaga and her team have worked overtime in creating fake Twitter accounts and buying followers for each one in order to hype up “Perfect Illusion” and the new album. When it’s released, these accounts will do nothing but praise the song.

However, Billboard isn’t the only news outlet involved in Lady Gaga’s latest scam. We are told that a relatively new writer for the entertainment section of the Huffington Post and a young writer at Entertainment Weekly are either being paid cash under the table or are being promised “special gifts” in order to hype up Lady Gaga, her new single, and her new album. If you read these news outlets, it’s pretty easy to spot who these writers are.

Our source at Billboard doesn’t understand why a record company would waste so many resources on an artist who is far from her peak. “Why can’t they let the record speak for itself?” he asks us.

“BECAUSE LADY GAGA CAN’T LET A SONG SPEAK FOR ITSELF!” is our answer. Lady Gaga, more than any artist in music history, has relied on hype and gimmicks to sell records, even when they are really good. The big question this time: WILL THE RECORD INDUSTRY AND MEDIA LET HER GET AWAY WITH IT? More to come….very soon.

Update: Team Gaga has allegedly paid a substantial amount of money to a columnist at a website called “Showbiz411” as well as a writer at Buzzfeed. Keep the payola goin’!

Welcome To Our New Website!

Welcome To Our New Website!

Welcome to our new website that exposes the music industry for what it is — an industry that is more corrupt than the mob. The writers here have not only dealt with corrupt trade magazines like Billboard, but we have worked for different artists and record companies as well. Please understand that this website is a work in progress, so the design and other things may change. Enjoy!